This is a story of 2 people I’m acquainted with and also a story about World Peace.

First, my young friend just 18 years old as of last week. I haven’t seen him in two years, and he’s grown taller, and grown up a bit too. What made me think to include him in this post; he and I are far apart on many issues; what we eat, what we believe, what we do for fun… as any 2 people can possibly be. Yet we also worked together for a year and a half, and had fun together. He introduced me to the tropical fish store, I tried to convince him that my preference for working in a quiet room wasn’t too freakish.

For a year and a half we worked very diligently on his reading and writing skills; no easy feat given the severity of his dyslexia.  Our lessons were imaginative and enjoyable, and felt only a little like work. He willingly let me use my imaginative lesson plans because he knew I meant only the best for him. My deepest wish; him reading/writing without embarrassment.

Extra Chrom-Nate 2013

I smiled a lot during the  accidentally meeting. I smiled after we parted and until I went to bed and even into the next day after I awakened. He has a sweetness to him. His mother cares for others, as a career, and he has grown up with children who are disabled, so his acceptance comes easily, naturally.

The second person is one who works full time in a governmental office to which I show up once a month to do a small amount of marketing for a major U.S. company. She serves others from behind a counter and often has biting comments. My observations of her demeanor led me to maintain minimal contact, until this morning.

Today I was denied access to her supervisor who is usually on site. My work supplies were not ready for me. Over the last year and half, they’ve been slowly encroaching on my job responsibilities, for which I was trained and continue to train on an ongoing basis. My supervisor suggested personality conflict. No, I think it’s conflict over territory.

So now I will be replaced there, lose that small amount of income, and also lose the assured sense of having done my job well and in a timely fashion. I had gone in with a plan. But it all went wrong. The supervisor would be out, out, out. I walked outside, made my phone call, and went back in to get the job done. It was then I heard this employee in her supervisor’s office with murmurings and laughter, and lots of “I said… and she…”

I don’t wish to be near nasty  people; people who need to make you small in order they feel big, people who do wrong for reasons known only to them and who cannot make an apology. So where does World Peace start?

World Peace starts with me and one other. That other could be you. It is my next door neighbor even though her partner plays very loud music outside that drifts in through my screen door. It might have been the employee behind the counter, but no, sorry, I can’t compromise myself in order to be ridiculed, so I opt to step away.

World Peace starts with my inner peace first, shortly followed by my willingness to be at peace around others. It’s the best I can do. And as a mother I remember that I am the model for my children, so why not for people in my world?

World Peace also starts with you, doesn’t it?

**Picture of my Nato- who rocks the extra chromo, according to dear friend Tony!


This has been a week of high and lows. The high came when a medical doctor examined my middle son, and for an hour I plucked each worry, concern, problem off my shoulders and gave them to her to manage. The relief lasted the rest of the day and into the next.

Two contractors came to the house this week to look at, measure, and give estimates for the repair of 2 areas in the house. Each arrived in a sleek new model truck, dressed in jeans, one with a very smart leather jacket. Both gave very high estimates, and with each I suggested that a “cadillac” of a repair job might not fit in with the rest of the look in this 110 year old house. Neither paid any attention to my concern, and both handed me exorbitant estimates.

Today another difficult moment with my son, in public, After, I went for a long walk. Two blocks later I crossed a street, a woman driving a truck honked repeatedly at me and glared through her window when I looked up at the sound. Why the honking? Because I was walking across the street? I didn’t realize I was expected to look behind me to see if someone traveling parallel to me was preparing to make a right turn and cross my path as I crossed the street.

She should NOT have done that. I try to live by my a standard of behavior. The employees of the phone company nearly drove me mad yesterday. My son today. Then “her.” In one moment I realized I was in over my head, because I had flipped her off and accompanied the gesture with the standard two word offensive epitaph. So much for my integrity.

Okay, to end on a positive note here… As I walked I passed a church sign that said: Peace begins with a smile. Yeah I like that. A smile can make lots of things better. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll have to go find something to make me smile, cause it sure has been a rough week.
Hope your days have smiles in them. Take care.

**A handmade card, above, copyrighted by me. The saying: “If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.” That’s about right, with a smile on top!