10 June 2009
Last night close to 10 pm Central time, I learned for sure I’d be included in the craft show portion of a regional pow-wow to be held here in a town park.

Just out of sheer cussedness, I’d already prepared a list about 3 pages long, of quotes I could use in my collages. These are from attributed Native Americans such as Chief Seattle and Tecumseh. So after the phone call I painted some “backdrops” for the cards and journals I’ll create with a Native American theme. Previously and serendipitously while watching a wonderful musical performance, Live at Lincoln Center, Nato and I thoroughly enjoyed music from the Silk Road Ensemble (Native natives?)

Here’s a quote from the website (www.silkroadproject.org). “I believe that when we enlarge our view of the world, we deepen our understanding of our own lives and culture.” This is by Yo-Yo Ma, director of the Ensemble and project.

While watching I tweaked the three pages or so of sayings, copying some to repeat twice, playing with fonts and sizing of all. So I needed a 4 day plan. Last night while falling asleep I came up with these things;
-make a bark book with pad of paper attached (how?)
-make a book; cover, paper attached at top, back of heavy card stock, stick and thong as means of holding it together. Add other bits from yard?
-big cards to fit larger envelopes (I’ve been saving for special occasion. This is it.)
-use any/all my handmade paper with beige-ish color
-check supply of other handmade papers for suitable colors

Lauren at work, Moth
Four days and counting. Today I have set myself a whole day, uninterrupted, to work, so I’ll begin with journals. The thought occurred to me I might, if it’s not too windy, be able to piece cards together at the two shows remaining before the pow-wow on Sunday. That would put me further ahead.
The problem I’m trying to deal with is how much of my stuff do I need to have ready for a crowd estimated to be about 3,000? Sheesh, there’s a number to make me regret eating breakfast. But not regret the chocolate for dessert.
Well, onward. I have journals to create. Pictures will follow. And to think I was proud of all the Mother’s Day cards I’d created and spread out on the table in this picture. Careful what you wish for.