Do I believe in coincidences?  (Do you?) Is a coincidence a cosmic intervention? A nudge from God? Then again, does it matter? N and Bob 2009Here’s one. About 3 days after we moved here, we walked into the Health Foods store and Nate saw Bob washing dishes in the open kitchen of the deli. “My friend,” Nate said. Then Bob’s mom came over and introduced herself and I thought, “my friend.” And we all made it so.

This morning I found a note that James had read/enjoyed the post I wrote and published last night. So I went to his blog and read.   The horrible anger that  came over me in a wave when I awoke this morning was relieved by his mention of meditation. So I washed up and put down my mat, did some stretching and then sat to meditate. I remembered James’ suggestion to pose a question, but after a few seconds I decided to craft a statement with which to pin my attention. It just came to me. Out of the blue? Coincidence, divine intervention? Here it is;

I bring love in to me. Wow! Where did this come from? I believe it came from my deepest yearnings and was the cause of my anger; that someone who, by way of our L and Peggy 2009familial relationship, should love, honor, respect me but I feel, and others have observed that instead there is ridicule and judgment and game-playing.

And so, by my action I brought about another piece in the puzzle of understanding myself. I checked in to my facebook page.   I like keeping up with my children and friends, but I really like the odd bits I’ve accumulated on my page. The “coincidence” was a story with a poem, below,  that has been making the rounds for the 5+ years since Bob Perks first wrote it.

I wish you enough, by Bob Perks, 2008

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.   I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.    I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.     I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.   I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.     I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.    I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to write to me, I get lonely.

Photos, spring 2009: Bob [left facing camera] and Nate [right].  Bob’s mom, Peggy [left] and me [r].


An article I just read moved me to write. Read it here. This week I was told I have a bacterial infection that can only be extinguished by medication. When I went to retrieve the prescription from a pharmacy I was asked what other medications I take. I was also asked several times to give them my insurance info. I replied; none, none, none, and it didn’t satisfy them. Oh well, too bad.

I have no health insurance. OrangeKnitMat2013 I go once a year for a female exam. I rarely purchase tests, though this year I had my thyroid tested, and resolved the issue of “running on empty” on my own, by getting lots more sleep each night. Mostly, this is how I live; eat as healthy as possible with bread I make of whole grains, brown rice, beans and veggies, fruits, nuts, yogurt, seaweed etc. Exercise as much as I can. Due to my age I now do lots of stretching each day. I think positive, I day dream. I create my art. And I love; my children, grandchildren, friends, our cat, nature, writing and creating and living.

The other article I read this morning, about a free application [app] you can get for your phone to reduce stress. Here’s part of my comment on the article; Do you really need another application? Go to Huff Post and READ from their GPS for the Soul page. Or better yet, sit on a pile of snow, a grassy hill, a bean bag chair or an exercise ball and let it all go, gaze into Inner Space… Really, life is short- put down the phone.”

I’m adding a picture here; if you skim down a couple OrangeKnit2013posts you’ll see some yarn and threads in shades of orange. I’ve finished the project and here is a picture of some of it. This color is probably the one I like least in the spectrum, but I DO enjoy knitting – and if the piece is to become a finished product someone might purchase, then it behooves me to create in all colors, not just the ones I like. For me knitting is a meditation. So I get two for the price of one. Even ripping out a piece feels good. And even better when I take the yarn from the ripping and use it again. What do you do that feels good, leaves you refreshed or rested or relaxed?

Have a great day – and a good night’s sleep!

*Bottom photo of my “enhanced” orange knitting; orange, yellows, a bit of pink and orangey-red.

I’m reading “A Woman’s Worth” again after a long time from the first reading. (Published 1993) I’ve used a Marianne Williamson quote on my cards. Even in the Preface she makes a powerful statement: “Such has been our womanquest. It is conscious and disciplined, or unconscious and unbridled. Whether we’ve learned anything or not, our suffering has shaped who we are, and for better or for worse we’ve been changed by the past few years…”
For me the most changes occurred as a result of my marriage ending not long after this book came out. Now I deal with changes due to aging, and my son’s aging. Did you know folks with Down syndrome age faster? Yup, and with lots of consequences for us both.

I’m also enrolled in a 21 day Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra, called Living in Love. Should be interesting. Apparently according to research it takes 21 consecutive days of doing something for it to become a habit, and meditation has been found to have positive effects on the mental health of participants.

My friend Peggy says to watch out for my expectations, they can prove to be harmful to my health. This is in reference to a relationship I’ve temporarily blocked with a “close” family member, due to its toxicity to my well-being. I think she hopes I’ll find a way back to loving this person. In the meantime she recommended I think about the message of the Serenity Prayer;

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr.

So, I’m off to meditate, AND remind myself of the Serenity prayer, AND then set the timer for Nato so he’s ready for the caregiver. We do this when I’, off at work and he’s home waiting to go out. I enjoy getting in my work grove and forgetting everything but the routine of the job. It has its own rewards – similar to meditation. Perhaps all this will help me forget about the horrible heat that is ongoing here on the prairie, and I guess in the rest of the country too. !! Stay cool !!

** The cards shown here are destined to be in the shop when the website changes over (presto!) to new format- soon, I hope. I’ll let you know.