The heat has been oppressive here in Midwest. We don’t have central a/c and have been sweltering in the house. Finally, son and I carried units from storage; closet and basement-ugh, and installed them 3 days ago. Everyone has “tsouris” to deal with at any given time. Ours [read on] has reached monumental proportions.
This week I am working toward deadline for Maker Faire Detroit which is end of next week. The heat has set me back. And this week son’s lead care-giver gave 11 days notice that while she’ll work limited hours next month it’s then goodbye forever. Son, just had 29th birthday, and will have left; two 21 year old caregivers. Ain’t that some situation? Now I’ll have a job trying to find replacement.
Next, let me tell you about the special order, that fell flat. A person called our home phone. She had met me at a show in April. Lost my card, couldn’t remember business name. I should have stepped back in wonderment; how did she get my home number? She asked for a special order for her sister recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Well, this is a big deal personally, so I went out of my way to create 2 cards. Sent pictures of them to her e-mail. Then she replied with her choice, but wanted a discount. Now my cards are keepers. Many have framed them. They are a very small canvas with a beautiful result. And she argued about $5.75. Plus .50 shipping. When I told story to my cousin she asked: can she print out copies of your cards? If so she has no reason to purchase them.
My world is sometimes cynical, but always full of hope. Hope that people will act humanely, with compassion, trust and where appropriate; with love. So I’ve included a picture of something new I recently made, and someday soon, computer son will apply a watermark to dissuade those who are dishonest and would deny me $5.75 for a card I create with much thought and care, and love. So remember, pictured here or elsewhere, my products are copyright protected. DO NOT PRINT-COPY-PIRATE. I’m sad to have to add this here.