thislight2A Whirlwind of Words
I love words, ideas, stories and books. Raise your hand if you know Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, not the one in Mississippi, where I was born and grew up. And did any of you ever go inside the Wadsworth Avenue branch, or the Washington Lane branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia? That’s where my obsession was fed during my childhood.

Starting at one end of the shelves in the children’s section, I read my way through until reaching the other end.  Now I can’t remember if I went in alphabetical order or just went top to bottom. Why does that matter? No idea.

Anyway I still love to read, and I’ve also been writing my own books, stories, and dribs and drabs in journals. Won a story contest a few years back, and received $500 worth of free stuff from the online site that sponsored the contest. What a deal. Due to the extremely limited budget and cost-cutting that went on in my household I was able to knock out most of my Chanukah list (for my extended family) with items ranging from candles to sexy bath baskets. Did I mention the contest was erotica? Oh yeah.

My middle and youngest sons received gifts from the regular store you know where you; park you car, walk in, pick something out and pay at the register. The youngest was 10 and no way I’d expose him to my contest winnings, and my middle son, that’s Nate “the great,” is disabled. He has many gifts and talents, and also Down Syndrome. and a severe speech impediment

In 2002, when I began writing romance, yes and erotica, for eventual publication, I had no idea I’d win the contest, edit and re-edit my first novel slightly less than a million times (I exaggerate) until I got it right, at which point lost my nerve to get it published.

The summer of 2006 I started a new book, nonfiction, with the tentative title: What about Nate, blessings yet to come. Here’s the first few sentences; “For the last four years in my free time, I’ve been writing romance novels, in between housekeeping, raising the last two children, gardening, creating art in my studio and working for a paycheck. It seems I’m always juggling lots of balls in the air. Well, I’ve got five kids, so I guess I like the chaos.” (copyright 2008 L.W. Esther’s Girls)

Well, Maybe next post I’ll tell you about the here and now of our lives. Suffice it to say we are currently living in Davenport, Iowa, in a house I bought 3 months ago that is 108 years old, and suits us just fine. For fun I am currently doing an experiment; to see if I can get through the whole of this first winter with just the narrow little shovel my new friend Peggy lent us, and my broom. Hey it’s working for me, and since I’m the sole member of the Snow Removal Committee here at our house…