There is a story; A middle-aged woman is preparing a festive meal and she cuts the meat in a certain odd way and puts it in the pan to be cooked. Why does she cut it in this peculiar manner? Vintage Kitchen Because that is how her mother always did it. One day she asks her elderly mother why. Her mother says; I had to cut it to fit in the pan I was using.

I was cleaning my candlestick holders and wondered as I scraped off accumulated layers of wax, what was causing the build-up. I always line the inside with foil, just as my mother did. Then I remembered the story above. So I pried out wax and foil, cleaned the outside and the bottom of each one. When I light candles this coming Sabbath I’ll be using my now pristine glass candle holders. Hopefully there will not be unsightly wax drips all over the place.

And this double lesson gave me time to think about;  when we do without forethought, or when we don’t stop to question why, or when we’re too busy to come up with alternatives to “the way it’s always been done.” This reminds me of many years ago and the “new math.” Child ReadingThere was a meeting at  school to explain the new curriculum to parents and get us to approve or at least go along with the new methods. And older gentleman stood up and said he was opposed to the change because the older custom had been good enough for his father, good enough for him, and would be good enough for his child[ren].

This morning reading a favorite blog and one particular post inside. The heading jumped off the page [okay, computer screen] at me. “Bringing Travel Lessons Home.”  I’ll admit I love adventure and the less planned it is, well, the more scary and possibly more fun. Oh no, I’m not trying to test myself and any limits imposed by people or circumstances outside myself. I happen to like learning and doing and trying. If successful; yeah! If not, well unless there was grave harm, it was still a bit of learning.

I feel very fortunate that I have always wanted to learn who I am, what I stand for, Pinnedwhat I need in life. And as I get older; what I don’t need [extra aggravation from bad service, spammers, people who judge, ignorance, intolerance…]. So back to Bringing Travel Lessons Home. We can decide to learn about ourselves; our motivations, our needs and wants, what makes us happy, sad, irritable, jealous, etc. And we can decide how to earn our way, live our lives, give back [or not]. It’s all within our reach, our grasp. That’s if we want to have a “well-lived” life.


Top 2 illustrations; copyright-free from Google images. Last is handmade card-in-the-making [before being sewn]. Quote by Ella Fitzgerald;  “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” Please don’t copy my creative work.