It is Chanukah!  We’ve already lit the first candle; said the blessings and sang the Chanukah song. For tonight there is peace in my home, for which I am very grateful.

And tonight there is one child at home,

like one candle,


and one mother,

one wish; for love

to surround us, and

accompany us on our paths.

I recently started another Gratitude journal. Can’t hurt, could help. Speaking earlier today to a loved one about this, he remembered I’ve mentioned this is good self-therapy. To search for the nuggets of truth and inspiration that made our life a good one today — and to write it, so that it is more than a memory, but a truth.

The picture of the plant — a bit chewed on by our cat — with that intrepid sprout on its own, pushing itself on a new path … is a great visual image of what my life has felt like for so very long. A welcome symbol of the strength inherent in each of us, if only we can act on it.

Happy Chanukah! May the light continue to shine on each of us, and through each of us to another so that we can fill the empty spaces with love.