“The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart. A revolution that must start with each one of us.” Quote by Dorothy Day. nate's heart

If you are unfamiliar with the show “On being” you can find it online at OnBeing.org. On their blog the executive editor, Trent Gilliss imparts an important message for him; live “your love out loud even when it seems you have nothing to offer.” The show which aired May 28th this year is about Jean Vanier and called The Wisdom of Tenderness. Why am I telling you this?

I speak here often about living with a person with significant disabilities. One who is happy, melancholy, satisfied with his life in a moment, and also dissatisfied with his life in a moment. He wants more from life, and as much as I’ve put into creating and making this a reality, the walls I’ve encountered have been high and wide, daunting and discouraging. One learns to get up, dust oneself off, and try again. It is tiring though. IMG_0011

What ever happened to compassion for folks who need more help in their lives? I feel estranged sometimes from many fellow human beings who make little effort to understand our lives- my son’s and mine, and our forging ahead to create meaning and substance, liveliness and love in our lives, not necessarily with each other, but for each of us. For my son who wants to live in community, instead of with his mother. And for myself. I want to cease fighting for recognition of the right to fair and humane treatment of my son and others with disabilities, because others have recognized their worth. I want to have time to create my art, laugh with my friends, grow my own spirit and soul as aging puts an imprint on me that is indelible.