Last week I spoke with a 22 year old, who is troubled over his recent job change. I listened to his concerns and his hopes and dreams. We came up with- 3) his Ultimate Goal, 2) what assistance he needs to gain skills he needs for his Ultimate Goal,  1) what he can do now to create a better “now” experience.

He’s currently  working  at home all week and missing the human interaction that happens in a group working space. So we brainstormed (1 above) and came up with these options; if the Ultimate Goal working group meets 2 nights a week with him 2 days with people. If he  joins a co-working space and goes 2 other days of the week he’ll have 4 days per week working with or near others. Setting regular weekly practices with a dance partner for his hobby creates a further weekly opportunity.

And now about his Ultimate Goal  (3 above) which will require some skills over which he doesn’t currently have mastery, we talked about proposing an alliance with a successful and kind business leader he knows who may be willing to mentor the young man.

"Centered" a work by Nate and his mom.

“Centered” a work by Nate and his mom.

The important aspect of choosing to ask this particular person for help (2 above); this man likes, respects and values him, both as a person and as a worker. I believe we should always sway in the direction of love, respect, and self-worth. 

So here’s the 3 action steps; think about your answers, write them, talk to someone who knows you- about them… You can also e-mail me, and I’ll add whatever wisdom I may have;

1 -In your current situation, are you prized for what you contribute, your own uniqueness? Or would another person be an adequate substitute? Please go on.
2 – Is the situation fulfilling? Is there one person who values your contribution, and respects you?  Please continue.
3 – Have you considered your life goals; what they are, how you will attain them, when, where, and what help you might require to reach those goal/s?

If thinking, writing or talking don’t help try this; in the center of a paper write the word/phrase that best explains what you want and circle it. For example, mine might say; Artist.  Like planets orbiting the sun, write other words that summarize your strengths and put each  in a circle with a spoke connecting it to the center word, almost like an old-fashioned wheel. Mine might include; advocate, good researcher, loves to meet other artists, strong spirit, willing to try new things.  What does your “mind map” tell about you?

Do you need another layer? Pick a planet [ “good researcher”] and surround it with words in circles, and spokes connecting it to “good researcher.” My extra circles around that would say; quilting books for ideas, ask John about framing a hanging work, look up framing options, research other artists who collage, and search does anyone combine stitchery and jewelry. Our answers can provide direction. Ask your questions, draw a map, turn to others… dream and imagine.