An article I just read moved me to write. Read it here. This week I was told I have a bacterial infection that can only be extinguished by medication. When I went to retrieve the prescription from a pharmacy I was asked what other medications I take. I was also asked several times to give them my insurance info. I replied; none, none, none, and it didn’t satisfy them. Oh well, too bad.

I have no health insurance. OrangeKnitMat2013 I go once a year for a female exam. I rarely purchase tests, though this year I had my thyroid tested, and resolved the issue of “running on empty” on my own, by getting lots more sleep each night. Mostly, this is how I live; eat as healthy as possible with bread I make of whole grains, brown rice, beans and veggies, fruits, nuts, yogurt, seaweed etc. Exercise as much as I can. Due to my age I now do lots of stretching each day. I think positive, I day dream. I create my art. And I love; my children, grandchildren, friends, our cat, nature, writing and creating and living.

The other article I read this morning, about a free application [app] you can get for your phone to reduce stress. Here’s part of my comment on the article; Do you really need another application? Go to Huff Post and READ from their GPS for the Soul page. Or better yet, sit on a pile of snow, a grassy hill, a bean bag chair or an exercise ball and let it all go, gaze into Inner Space… Really, life is short- put down the phone.”

I’m adding a picture here; if you skim down a couple OrangeKnit2013posts you’ll see some yarn and threads in shades of orange. I’ve finished the project and here is a picture of some of it. This color is probably the one I like least in the spectrum, but I DO enjoy knitting – and if the piece is to become a finished product someone might purchase, then it behooves me to create in all colors, not just the ones I like. For me knitting is a meditation. So I get two for the price of one. Even ripping out a piece feels good. And even better when I take the yarn from the ripping and use it again. What do you do that feels good, leaves you refreshed or rested or relaxed?

Have a great day – and a good night’s sleep!

*Bottom photo of my “enhanced” orange knitting; orange, yellows, a bit of pink and orangey-red.