A beautiful story today; about family, love, a teacher who imparts science with fun and imagination, and leads his students to the question, why? “There is something a lot greater than energy. There’s something a lot greater than entropy. What’s the greatest thing? Love, his students whisper. “That’s what makes the why of what we exist,” Mr. Wright tells the spellbound students.

This is simplistic, yes, an easy answer, yes, but a profound one when you factor in what he tells his students once a year. About his son born with profound disabilities, but his beloved son nonetheless. And you see for me, it’s easy to understand all this, mother to a son with disabilities too.

Second on my list would be patience-understanding-empathy-caring. Okay so that is 4 qualities tied together, but where would any of us be Circles if we couldn’t find acceptance within our circle; of family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances? Here’s a little exercise to do, food for thought:

Take a blank piece of paper and draw 3 or 4 circles like a target. One large circle, then a smaller circle within it, then again but with a smaller circle, until you get to the smallest circle in the center. Now in the center circle write the names of your parents, children, siblings. Inside the next bigger circle the next level of people closest to you in your life. The third circle [if you choose to add this one] is for neighbors, folks you’re not quite as close to, and the outer circle is for people we pay to be in our lives; the dentist, our accountant, the person who works on our car, etc.

*Circles from High Definition Wallpaper.com Great colors, huh?
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