I have to tell you this aging business is something. I am now 5 months into being 60 years old. SIXTY !!  What does it mean to be 60? To look, think, act as a 60 year old?

Remembering things is one of the most difficult tasks now. Sometimes even frightening, because I’ve already burned pots of beans and let noodles over-cook. I must now set the timer – but even that I forget to do. Leaving and then re-entering to check the stove is not an uncommon event.

Around my face, my hair shimmers with silver. The small bits of 20 years ago have turned into much bigger swaths, but that doesn’t bother me. I never cared much for primping. I always liked me, and if someone else did or didn’t that was on them. My body is not as supple, and not a yoga enthusiast, I start each day with some stretching. If I don’t stretch, then I move like… well, like an old person. How’s that for reality with a dash of humor on top?

What is unchanged? I am as adventurous and enthusiastic as ever, but seem to have a bit less energy. My job keeps me on my feet 3 hours or more per shift. So now I need more supportive shoes to keep standing without pain. For the first time ever I have spent more than $20 on a pair of athletic shoes, which we used to call sneakers or sneaks- in order to stay on my feet as long as I must when at work or even on my walkabouts.

*Accompanying photos by author; Signs of Autumn and Fall Knitting [a 4 stranded winter scarf of bright colors].

I guess this is Part 1. Today, October 7, 2012, I felt moved to write what has become my reality, but don’t look for Part 2. It may not happen. Isn’t it odd what we can become used to? All this is of little merit after spending hours yesterday, watching [PBS.org; Independent Lens] a beautiful and disturbing new movie to accompany the book by the same name; Half the Sky, by Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof.

At the age of 60 I still feel moved to make a mark, my mark, on the world. Can’t tell you how or what it would look like. Amazed and inspired by the women profiled in Half the Sky. Watch the preview, and then the whole thing. What can you do to add to this Stone Soup of our world?