Politics; Romney versus President Obama, healthcare, women’s rights, jobs, corporate profits… Remember Bill Clinton’s campaign and the saying; The economy, stupid? The impending storm which was Hurricane Isaac this past week brought winds and rains. The election cycle brings idiotic statements by politicians and a summing up by voters of the good and not so good meaning the field of candidates from which to choose in November.
Encouraging; HuffPost Live’s coverage, Shadow Conventions, Jobs Initiatives… Go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ and type in Shadow Convention 2012.
Amazing concepts discussed, and the range; educating and training for jobs, empowering start-ups, creating goods and services that offer new jobs. Check it out to learn about what’s being done, what’s to come, and the whole galaxy of possibilities. Check out this new page they’ve created, which is frequently updated; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/opportunity-working/
Politics; What if U.S. citizens make the changes amongst each other- that need to happen? We would have a positive, upbeat, challenging, inspiring land to live in with opportunities to be created and lived… Here’s my take; It’s the people. It’s the people who will make this happen or depend on a broken system and be broken in return.
Let’s make the choice of ourselves!

And catch this amazing woman who I proclaim: Artist of the Possible.