No pretty pictures today folks. The news is horrible and getting worse.

Attacks on women everywhere in the world. And why is that? Don’t women sustain babies, give birth, feed and nurture the children of the world? Or have I awakened into an alternate universe?

Women attacked in Colombia, South America with acid thrown in their faces is on the increase. If we thought those men in India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh crazy, now we can add this country much closer to our home in the U.S.

How can anyone treat another human this way? Oh easily done. No matter that this is an attack on human dignity making the woman wish to die. This is not a bullet, but equally harmful. Hate, revenge, intolerance, what is the root? Why do men have so little value for the women in their lives?

Attacking women through their little children seems to be another perversion against humanity. This morning’s news relates that the largest worldwide network of child abusers has been found and participating men are being arrested. Well their arrests are great, but why are they seeing little children as objects of their lust, or again humans are objects of no value?

In the U.S. mostly men attacking women’s rights to make health care decisions. Oh they base it on ideological and religious reasoning, but really, can you imagine treating someone you love and respect as though they are unworthy of; a) making a decision about their bodies by themselves, and b) doing so without help from legislators or so-called religious folks.

What’s up with men today? Is your ideological and/or religious beliefs more important than treating others with dignity, value, kindness and care?

I want to resign and wake up into a world of people who care. Can that be done?