Being a caregiver is something you do all the time. Let me illustrate. Today I was in the bathroom taking an unusual mid-afternoon shower because I woke up early that morning and at the last possible minute. I didn’t want to wake up early, but I needed to drive my son to his twice monthly 5 hour program which gives me one of the longest breaks I get at any time in a month.
Here’s what I did with my 5 hours. I reveled in the quiet house, the unseasonably warm day which filtered through the screen door, and I could barely concentrate on my artwork. I was supposed to go to my part time job at some point today [I make my schedule around certain set parameters] so I convinced myself I could go in later. Wanting to sit and work on some knitting for an art project while — oh okay — watching a video I just found at the library yesterday. It was like money burning a whole in a pocket, I couldn’t wait to watch the movie.
Then there was a bunch of “office” work I did; scanned in payroll sheets for his caregivers who get paid and sent them to the office. Worked on this month’s schedule; the who, when and how many hours that need to be decided each month. Found a dentist and made an appointment for my college son when he comes home on break next week. Also scouted out some internet sites for same son to check out to enhance his possible future employment as graduation nears. Spoke with my daughter about her and her partner’s business, with an idea I had for marketing and promotion.
Most important of all, I worked out a date for middle son’s annual meeting with his assigned social worker. There we will create the goals my son will work on with his caregivers for the next year. In the midst of that phone call I answered the door, alerted son, waited, yelled out for him and frustrated at the interruption- I did it!
I laughingly commented about doing murder and getting away with it. Oh dear! What a thing to say to a social worker with the Department of Human Services, a mandated abuse reporter. Well, it’s been that kind of day. Not one where I want to do violence, but one where my attempts to get details taken care of that are part of my personal and professional agenda are frustrated by a doorbell ringing, a phone call while in the shower, an early morning driving assignment, my son’s momentary deafness and my own 24/7 caregiving responsibilities.
Oh and he, BTW, has been for the last 10 years intentionally orphaned by his other parent and so… I’m it. And all. Everything. I’m also the recipient of smiles, hugs, jokes, friends with other parent/caregivers and live my days always aware of the preciousness of life.
***Pictured here; card and knitting [which is part of a large piece] both for sale locally. Both are handmade products under Creative Commons licensing. Do Not Steal My Art Images.