One of my 5 favorite children who is a website designer is working on a complete overhaul of the Esther’s Girls website. The card shown here may be a feature on it. We’ll all have to wait and see what works best. I like the short and sweet sentiment a lot. And I loved Leo B. There’s a great series of lectures on love, but I’ve opted for a shorter lecture below.
I’ve been struggling with an issue that has dogged me for years. What happens when we don’t live up to the expectations that people in our lives have of us? My former son-in-law used to say about when we assume; it causes us to make an ass of you and me. Somehow other people’s expectations should have the same sort of pithy and sarcastic explanation, in my opinion.
What happens when we think BIG, and those around us think differently? Or don’t understand our reasoning? Or just plain refuse to accept us? These are all difficult questions. If we listen to Leo’s lectures, he’d tell us to FORGIVE, to LOVE anyway, to THINK BIG and the hell with them. This is hard stuff. Ultimately, I believe we must learn who we are, how we operate, what our values are, and what we want out of life. When I asked my beautiful friend Sherrie when this difficult self-discovery work will be complete, she answered, “If we’re lucky, when we die.” Why should we work until our death on self-discovery? Why is it so important? Philosophers have pondered and answered this question. For Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1831, in a poem he wrote to know oneself was to know the God he felt existed in each of us. For me; asking the question leads to a magical mystery tour of myself, life , the universe and everything. This last line is my reverence to author Douglas Adams and his book, Life, the Universe and Everything, 1982, and of course, The Beatles.
Have the Courage to Think Big