Well you’re all reading the same stuff I am – and it’s about the extraordinary Steve Jobs. What I like best about his personal story is that he didn’t get through college. I didn’t either. The differences? I’m a woman, and was raised to believe my future was limited to being wife and mother. And my skills and inner driving forces didn’t emerge for so long, they were not apparent to me or anyone else. So, lucky Steve Jobs to have some background in, and skill with electronics, interest in design, and what else? Inner drive, determination to succeed…
Was Steve Jobs the right person at the right time, with the right skills? Could someone else do what he did? An article in today’s UK Telegraph described the man with shortcomings and obstacles, yet in his adult life of about 35 years transformed our world. One person commented; “I think he achieved more than enough in his short life span and it is now up to us to build on that.” So my question to you is this; what will you do to transform or change or add on or color our world in some way? Here’s what I did yesterday:
I looked at a picture book with a 9 year old and pointed out the beautiful watercolor wash in the background of each picture. We didn’t read the story, only observed the glorious colors. The girl’s mother came in and listened. Afterward she said she never thought to look at the colors to see how they enhanced the story. I shared my love of color and my understanding of story plotting, to open a new line of thinking in another person.

*Two cards I created with soothing colors, though I think the lower one overall is more peaceful. The higher I chose for my 2 new friends- who wrote messages inside for me. And made my day! My best to all of you.