Last week I finished reading Robert B. Parker’s last book [I think], which was a very rewarding read. His unique voice, writing style, characterization, and the on-going love affair with his wife as portrayed in his Spenser novels, were all in evidence. The book; Sixkill, published by his estate this year, kept me wide awake until I finished it.
Last week I also caught up with a dear friend, of many years now, but we speak infrequently. She was delighted to hear my voice. She said I sound the same as ever. It seems to me, we humans have patterns that we stick to and that make us recognizable to others. And yet…I also believe very strongly that we’re capable of change. If you watch the video below, the boat captain, Vincent Ardolino says; “I have one theory in life; I never want to say the word[s], I should have. If I do it and I fail, I tried. If I do it and I succeed, better for me. I tell my children the same thing. Never go through life saying I should have. If you want to do something, you should.”
At the most recent craft show, I met a courageous woman. I gave her a journal and told her to write, write, write. Also to keep in touch. I praised her for continuing on a difficult life journey. Some of us are tested far beyond what we can imagine. I’ve come to believe that whether we have what it takes, inherently, to face difficulties in life, or we experience situations that stretch us- somehow we can learn resilience. We can and should try to deal and overcome what threatens our little pocket of safety. We have to try!
BTW- photo above; knitted collage sold at show. If I hadn’t tried, it wouldn’t have happened.