And then before you know it the extreme summer heat, the sweating, the malaise and the desire to stay inside no matter what – during the hottest portion of the day…all of that is a memory. And this year, with the extremes we experienced, what a relief!
Last night in conversation with my youngest who will celebrate (!!) his 21st birthday soon, we talked about stress versus enjoying life. I suggested he use his journal to keep a daily gratitude list. I’ve done this, and it helped me over some rough spots. There’s an interesting site with a particular post I hope you’ll browse;
There’s a surprisingly huge number of people providing “counseling” to others these days. In person, over the phone and internet… many now called coaches with some coursework behind them to give credence. But I’m skeptical all the same. When I advised my son that all we have is today, to BE happy, to remember to be grateful – I can do so with a mother’s prerogative. I’ve many years of life experience, and I am a do-er and a thinker/analyzer. And he listens because he knows all this and respects me. How can a coach or counselor advise someone they don’t know? Are we all the same that standard advice works no matter who-what-where-when-why-how… ? Ultimately, this time is all we have. My advice? Be Here Now.* ~ ~ ~ Be Here Now. ~ ~ Be Here Now.
*Author Ram Dass wrote a book with this title, published in 1971. Find him on Wickipedia.