It’s June, so I’m making Father’s Day cards. Had a funny little conversation with someone at the market last week. She looked over my booth then casually asked; When is Father’s day?
I answered; I don’t know, I’m divorced, my kids are grown, so I’m out of the loop on that.
She looked surprised and rapidly said; But you have a father.
My reply; He’s been gone a long time. (As if he went to the corner store for something and kept going.)
In actuality my father died 31 years ago, in his 50’s. Too young. And I still miss him, especially for the man he was becoming in his last years. He’d had a narrowly focused life, which I believe he mostly enjoyed. I say mostly because he worked such long hours, but he dealt with people, so I know there was camaraderie, jokes, and some light-heartedness while working. He was unexpectedly divorced, lost his job, lived in a dinky apartment for awhile, lost 2 of his children for a bit… Yet he found work and found within himself a desire to make sense of me- the hippie child who didn’t conform. He began talking to people he met, especially anyone in special education- to better understand my life work. And thankfully he relayed this to me, so that I have a wonderful memory to hold dear to my heart.
Speaking of someone dying too young, a girl named Alice, 15, who has Hodgkin’s lymphoma started a blog. “The cancer is now spreading through my body,” she wrote. “It’s a pain because there’s so much stuff that I still want to do.” What really got to me was tucked in at the end of her first post on the blog. “…I can’t figure out how to add a list. I think I’m going to have to ask mum to do it because she can do anything.” I’m glad she said that. It will be a tangible reminder for her mum. You know, we don’t need Father’s Day or Mother’s Day if we can express our love and gratitude when we feel these emotions.
If you’re moved to do something positive, go to website below. Write a note. Spend a few minutes brightening a child’s LIFE.
P.S. To read the article about Alice, go to; A teen’s bucket list goes viral.
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