I’ve been trying to figure out why the blaring headlines, and copious news stories have made me feel depressed. Finally… finally, an article on Huffington Post by Pamela Gerloff that made me feel good about my reaction to the self-congratulatory goings on over the news of the murder of O. binL.
And am I the only one asking why there was no trial? Just brutal murder? Yes, I know he murdered first, even if by proxy. So much infamy carried out by humans under the influence of strong emotions. One person who commented asked: “What is it in folks that they so desperatel­y need to feel like they are better than someone else?” Another wrote that we human beings were allowed to occasionally give in to baser instincts. To which I say; “Oh really?!!!”
One of the most difficult tasks I’ve had to learn in last years has been accepting my role as parent to my disabled son, when I am long past having children at home, long past having the patience I had when younger, and long yearning for a quiet life by myself. I have come to peace with my life as it is, and also realize that it is not that adversity makes us stronger, it is using our cognition that provides us with the reasoning and sense to learn and apply new learning.
So I circle back to where I started in this post. Some people who commented on the article cited above, mentioned public response to Mussolini and Hitler as either representative of the human need or desire for revenge, or the wild reaction to being free of tyrants. We Jews just celebrated Holocaust remembrance day, and a speaker said a U.S. soldier liberating the death camps mentioned the incredible smell of incinerated bodies that hung like fog over the camp he entered. And that all his life that smell remained in him. So… memory, cognition, and the ability to sort through our feelings and MAKE CHOICES. Gerloff in the article says this; Do we want to become a species that embodies peace? If that is what we want, then we need to start now to examine our own hearts and actions, and begin to consciously evolve in that direction. We could start by not celebrating the killing of another.”
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