21 January 2011, currently -2F [at 1:30p.m. central time] on the prairie – brrr!!
Today I need this picture, to remind me winter is only SOOOO long and then it will succumb to nature’s rhythms, global warming or no global warming. I hope.
Two bits in the news to reflect on; A story about Dr. Abuelaish, whose 3 daughters were killed and another lost sight in one eye two years ago when Israeli tanks fired on his village and hit his home. He has written a book; I Shall Not Hate; a Gaza Doctor’s Journey. Read an excerpt at http://www.randomhouse.ca. He said in a N.Y. Times article; “it is the future of children, that should spur both sides toward peace.” There is a beautiful memorial at http://www.DaughterForLife.com/memorial.
And in a news piece on NPR about [Congresswoman] Gabby Giffords, a doctor provided a comment in the story and he was called; “an expert in gunshot wounds to the head.” Is this crazy, or what? I am not saying I want to go back to living in caves with ONLY rocks and tree limbs to use as weapons, but why do people today think they need guns to be safe?
It does not work. It is a wrong premise. Ask Dr. Abuelaish, or any other live victim…

And so I found this little video clip/interview especially welcome.