Sunday night, 9th of January
I’ve been walking down memory lane reading the articles about Debbie Friedman and watching her sing on YouTube videos. In the mid 1980’s I went from Jewish teacher to principal, and was sent by my congregation to CAJE. What an experience! The next summer I went again, this time taking 3 teens in addition to my oldest 2 children. The teens participated in the first ever teen program; a few teens in small classrooms with Debbie and other Jewish adults I considered heroes and heroines of Judaism. Jewish men and women dedicated to creating Jewish education that would matter. That would transform. That would hopefully, create Jews of our children who were Jewish-Americans with little Yiddishkeit let alone knowledge or practice of Jewish ritual.
Debbie Friedman wrote many songs and we sang Miriam’s song at my daughter Shoshana’s Bat Mitzvah. What an amazing moment in our lives! And now to watch her sing Mourning into Dancing, and wonder; can we do this – in her honor? She gave us so very much, it seems we should try. I will try. The picture, courtesy of Limmud on reminds me of a long-ago time when we were so much younger. I mourn her passing at this time. Too soon it seems.
May her memory be a blessing. Thank you Debbie for giving so much to so many.