Saturday evening, January 1, 2011
This is a bowl I received as a holiday gift from the outstanding Tony! And in Richard S. Wheeler’s book, Rendezvous, I found this quote. “The past is a broken bowl and cannot hold broth again. The dream that sustained you was a good dream because it gave you life and hope each day… But it is gone and a new destiny is yours.”
In my studio the past few days I’ve completed a new batch of cards, part of the long list of cards and journals I want to make. Meantime there’s a juried event coming up… On this day; 1/1/11, I want to remind you of the saying on the card here; Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.” [I love this quote by an unknown author]
A December 20th opinion article in the New York Times called, A Plan to Make Homelessness History, mentions the 100,000 Homes Campaign; “It’s the human welfare equivalent of NASA’s race to put a man on the moon.” According to article, when folks in cities make a dedicated effort, they usually can eliminate some homelessness. That’s good news. And last, making its way around the web from Yahoo news and Huffington Post; Father Invents VerbalVictor App to Help Disabled Son ‘Speak’ Thru iPad Now truly; how cool is that?!! All this tells me amazing solutions are possible when we are faced with problems we wish to – need to – have to – resolve and use “outside the box” thinking to do so. Way to go!!!
I just have to add this- from my hometown; enjoy!