I love self-help books. If memory serves, this love began before I was diagnosed with cancer, but certainly after the initial diagnosis, when I scoured the main library in the large Southern town we lived in then, and found a book to refute the [standard] medical advice I’d received from 3 successive cancer specialists. I actually found the Doctor quoted in the book, and made a decision based on the biopsy results and my strong desire to decide how much of my original parts would be removed in an effort to get rid of the cancer.
Presently I’ve noticed there are so many books about how to live and be healthy, in shape, encourage children/babies to be smarter, musical, learn to knit…whatever. And then there are books that explain to us how to be happy. I’ve given this some thought.

1. Know yourself. If this takes a lifetime, then so be it. Take the journey, see the sights along the way, learn new routes, make new friends…

2. Decide what you value and find others to be part of your life who can accept your values, or maybe even share some of them. The quote at left: “This is not a letter, but my arms around you for a brief moment.

3. Find ways to be calm, get energized, give love, receive from others [because that is a gift in itself] and challenge yourself to grow. Learn new things, try to do something a new way, dare yourself to change a habit…

4. Enjoy your life. Most of us do not know when we will die. Don’t put off the next vacation, or watching your child, or sitting quietly stroking a dog or cat.

So that’s my advice. Take it or leave it. Feel free to write me a check for $19.95, then tear it up and throw it away. Now didn’t that feel good? Smile and I’ll throw in some free ginzu knives !!!