An amazing talk on by Jessica Jackley. Now if you don’t know who she is; I didn’t, and if you don’t know what she’s done in the last 5 years; I didn’t – then go and listen if you’re inclined and I believe you’ll hear an incredible story by a young woman who comes across shy, self-effacing, deeply caring about people. Most surprising with those attributes is how she willingly jumped out of her life into an unknown and created incredible good for so very many people around the globe. I do though take exception to her continuous use of the phrase; the poor. But I hope she’ll find some enlightenment as to why it is offensive.
There is another woman I read about today and then researched, who in her own way has opened minds and eyes with her photo montages with themes from the times in which they were created by her. Here’s an example from Martha Rosler’s series; Bringing the war home (1967–1972). This work is called Red Stripe Kitchen.
And of gosh, who could ignore numerous news articles about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife calling up Anita Hill and asking or demanding an apology for her accusations against Mr. Thomas 10 years ago. I was very moved by a characterization in one article by Lillian McEwen, a Senate committee lawyer who also dated Mr. Thomas and concurred with the general drift of Anita Hill’s testimony. Here’s what she said;
“In his autobiography, Clarence described himself as a person incapable of doing what Anita Hill said he did,” McEwen said in an interview. “He is married to a woman who is loyal to him and religious in a way he would like to be. This combination of religiosity and loyalty and belief that he is really the kind of person who he describes in his book would just about compel her to do something like that.”
How many women are taken in by men who believe one thing about themselves and in actuality are something different – because the women believe, oh heaven help us – they can change that particular man
If you have time, watch Jessica’s talk. Leaves a better taste in the mouth than the bit above.