I’m visiting my cousin and read the books I brought, so I’m going through her library. Reading Norman Cousins’ book; The Celebration of Life, 1974. “Humans are not helpless. They have never been helpless. They have only been deflected or deceived or dispirited.
In the Introduction he mentioned the phrase by William Faulkner; “the capacity to prevail.” I mentioned this to Helene. She said when told she’s so brave and strong to deal with all that she has to cope with, she says she can do it because she’s a prevailer.
The following words were also in the book’s introduction, which I copied down because they seem to me to be the characteristics of humans who prevail;
grace under pressure, courage, dignity, will to live, integrity, compassion and kindness. My own addition is humor. I very fervently believe we must be able to laugh at ourselves, our circumstances, at anything that doesn’t demean others. And after all it was Norman Cousins who prolonged his life, saved himself an early death from several difficult and painful causes by prescribing for himself, a course of laugh therapy. That book; Anatomy of an illness as perceived by the patient : reflections on healing (1979). Photo credit: news-medical.net