Tuesday noon, October 5, 2010
I scrubbed the planned post. Here’s the new adenda. First a poem I want to share by Hafiz, a Sufi poet from the 1300’s. [From an old post of Chris’- see below for website.]
The small man
Builds cages for everyone
He Knows.
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the

At The Art of Non-Conformity, http:// chrisguillebeau.com – Chris talks about; how our lives are interconnected, and how we have a core need to contribute instead of just consume. Okay why the poem and all the rest? An incident in my life last couple days sent me askew for a brief time. I found myself in a past world consisting then of hurt, pain, self-recriminations and unhappiness, uncertainty. I’m attempting to right my world and do so without the anger I’ve found so easily available. And also to make sure I don’t become a cage-building small person by resorting to the type of action that inspired this whole thing. I did take action. I am okay with what I chose. Best I can do.
Now about that anger. In the collage is a brief saying by Buddha: Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Right.
Nothing profound left to say. I’ll leave you with another image. I’ve cleaned out at least half the garden and am eating lots of late blooming cherry tomatoes. Cleaning heat vents, etc, to get the house ready for turning on the heat, and finding I want hot tea, often. So an old photo of a crazy quilt square I made and then used in a barter. I still have the tea kettle. It is not shiny looking now. But it has a purpose and a home with me.