Wednesday morning, 8 September 2010/5770
With the New Year to begin tonight, I have been engaged in the mental process and the emotions of forgiveness. Yet I’ve hit one stumbling block after another. Well I am human.
It’s sort of like the card pictured here. You start out with good intentions. You get it all pinned down, and then something happens, or changes– and all your good intentions… down the drain.
Here’s an example that’s very current. Despite living through dental work before numbing medicines became routine, and surviving 2 cancer diagnoses, deaths of; a parent, all my grandparents and 3 babies I carried in my body, I have never gone to the Emergency Room for myself. Actually of my 5 children, I’ve only gone twice for my middle child and that’s it. So what’s the problem, you ask? Just this. It happened this summer.
I didn’t ask for the injury, but went for treatment. I had no clue I could stop the nurse from numbing my hand before attempting the I.V. And I didn’t know I had to request a visit from the doctor, or that one of the many nurses who flew in and out was actually the medical person in charge. I was given no reassurance that anyone checked whether the injury would cause permanent nerve damage…yet later I’m told they did check, by looking at a finger that had turned black and seeing there was blood flow. Huh??? Wishing for an angel to look out for me may have helped. But even an angel would have shaken her head in exasperation. I wrote to the head of the hospital and he had the [get this] Patient Advocate call me and explain how every point I’d made in my letter was wrong. I’ve been an advocate for a very long time I can say the abuse of the term by this hospital turns my stomach.
Stay tuned for next part of possibly a boring story. But… I received a new bill a month later, so sent another copy of my letter to the hospital C.E.O., and wait til you hear the response! These people don’t seem to mind biting the hand that feeds them.
Have a great day.