Wednesday, 4th August, 2010
A conversation with youngest son who finished his summer baking internship yesterday. Checking in over the phone he told me what breads and treats he’s bringing home, and more. He was given a gift card for a kitchen shop and an offer for next summer. He’s thrilled. I asked if I could make him a “thank-you” card, and it’s pictured here. I’m thrilled I found Regina and brought them together. Without patting my own back I will say she is thoroughly professional and just right for a mentor for my son.
In my IN box this morning found a cute video, not too long; with this great quote among others; “Do not take life too seriously. You will not get out of it alive,” by Elbert Hubbard.
Mostly the last couple days I’ve been thinking (again) a lot about age, memory, attitude (toward both) and legacy. It came as no surprise to me that in the above conversation with youngest son I told him I was glad his summer worked out so well working with Regina, baking, and that now I feel I’ve earned additional number of Cosmic brownie points for the great unknown that follows this life on earth. Isn’t it something how we’ll connect conscious and subconscious thoughts, concerns, attitudes, dreams, and then speak and not know before hand how it has come together?