Wednesday, 21 July 2010
Returning to life at home after 4 days away for the Midwest Fiber Fair and then a few days to get back into routine. An interesting show. I talked with many women while selling my products. One bought a beautiful new journal I’d made for her daughter, who is now 16 months old. Way to go!And I made contacts; like where to get my sewing machine fixed, truly fixed, not cobbled together until something fails – which recently happened.
The news Monday morning included stupid comments from an Alaskan about a proposed building in New York City. Mind your own business stupid Sarah, I will never vote for you. We may both have sons with Down syndrome but that’s the ONLY thing we’ll ever share.
Worrying me today is the New York Times article; Cuts in Home Care Worry Elderly and Disabled. This is from the article; “Nursing homes here cost the state an average of $5,900 a month; home and community-based services cost $1,500 a month.” Why can’t people do the math. As a speaker once said; we’re all- every one of us- TAB, or temporarily able bodied. Tomorrow, you, your best friend, your neighbor, me- we could all need the services being cut, as an alternative to the nursing homes. I’m writing letters. What about you?

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