Friday, 9 July 2010: Countdown to the 3 day show in Chicago area- 6 days to go- gulp!
Isn’t an AHA! moment amazing? I love them. My first thought was this; I’d better write this down, because with the stress and memory difficulties I’ve been experiencing, I will not remember, and I want to do so. What occurred? It’s about finding something however small even pitifully small – that you recognize in another person, because you can relate it to a thought, experience, or story of your own. My grandson’s other grandmother wants to spend time with him and can’t say the right words, or make the right plan to encourage my daughter to allow her 4 year old to go away for a week with his grandparents. For a brief time my heart went out to her because for all her misguided ways she loves that little boy.
Talking about being in a Catch-22 situation, I had another moment of blinding insight this week, about the library versus the disabled 27 year old with Down syndrome. (I think there’s a book/article/song title in there.)
When you set someone up for failure, pretty much you’ll get what you’ve worked toward and anticipated with some sort of gleefulness. How sad – in this case, a bunch of adults with what we call “typical” intelligence, trying to throw out a leg to trip up a 27 year old young man with a life long disability, half their intelligence yet a spirit to try and keep trying to overcome a barrier. The catch? No matter how hard my son works to comport himself as a model library patron, he will fail because THEY control the game. Despite that small glitch, who would you vote for here? You know my answer.
Photos-Two journals just finished despite sewing machine difficulties. Great colors.