Tuesday, 15th of June (Dedicating the vintage picture here to my dancing son.)
I always like the 15th of the month because it reminds me of my middle son’s birthday. He’s been waiting for it, talking about it, writing it on little slips of paper for weeks now. The little slips of paper? He’s been invoicing people he knows– for birthday presents I would suppose. Gotta love his ingenuity. And this is the person the libraries in this area where we live- would like to kick out permanently. Sheesh. Says a lot about them, doesn’t it?
Working on a new idea for the big summer shows I’m doing next month. Made the first one yesterday and liked it so much I started another today. Except I got lazy today and slacked off; watching stuff on Hulu, playing puzzle games online during commercials. Came across a show I’d watched before, through 2 seasons, then learned it had been cancelled. And what an uproar that caused. A well-written and well-received show gone. I’m referring to “Life.” They’ll be taking it off Hulu in September, so I watched some today to savor it again.
Am I in the minority of life-long readers who can enjoy reading a well-written, intriguing story a second, third or more time? I don’t think so. What I didn’t realize is that I’d feel the same about a television show. I love the Zen in the show, Life. And the depth and craziness of the main characters– like people in real life. Obviously the mark of an exceptional team of writers, movie people (director, producer, etc, don’t know who all), and actors.
Almost as good as a well written, intriguing story in a book.