Wednesday 26 May 2010
Started out last post with cartoon about teaching a daughter hand-crafts… I finally had good sense to take my sewing machine which is absolutely necessary to my craft, to a gen-u-ine repair person. Will cost much, but be worth it to know it has been finally fixed and works correctly.
Writing this reminds me of a couple stories I read not long ago and wanted to share. In England, men in prison have the opportunity to learn, work and produce useful products due initially to 2 women who knew needlework. “I love this kind of work and I think when you do something with love it is better in the end.” A quote by inmate at the prison; HMP Cookham Wood. Go anywhere on their website; it’s amazing.
Second story; men who drive long distance big wheelers, who are sewing quilts and knitting during waiting times. For years I’ve been telling my little elementary students in art classes about a very large man who was a famous football player, and appeared in a commercial knitting. Rosie Greer. I tried to find the commercial on YouTube, and was unsuccessful. To read about the drivers go to the Wall Street Journal online and here’s the article title; Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching, from March 29, 2010
Guess that’s it for now. Need to get ready for next Market where I’m selling my cards and things.