friday, may 14, 2010 I share my favorite Pickles cartoon because it’s about mother and daughter.
random observations
1- On back window of car attached to RV; Be patient, pushing heavy vehicle.
2- Military cemetery in South Dakota. As you approach driving west on the interstate it appears in your vision; gleaming white markers in rows of neat precision on a hillside, both a chilling reminder of war and the deep loss of so many family members never to be held again by loving arms, or looked on with loving eyes.
3- A UPS delivery van with distinctive brown-red mud dried on the side I noticed in passing… it probably had crossed through a muddy hole on a ranch road.
4- Two Aberdeen’s; one in Montana, one in S.D., and a Highland Livestock Company in Montana, Campbell County in S.D.
5-There is an exit (in Montana if I remember correctly) with both Manhattan and Amsterdam on the sign.
6- What is the Continental Divide, anyway? Did you know there is an Eastern C.D.? True, it’s in Maryland.
7-Last week we saw snow in Wyoming and Montana, tho’ not in the pass of the Rockies, as we found 2 years ago, 3 1/2 weeks later in the season. So far on way back, most of it has melted and remains only in highest mountains in Montana. Tomorrow we’ll find out about Wyoming’s current weather.
8-There’s something very female about the mountains, in my opinion. Today we passed so many different scenarios; the one I love the most were the gentle folds and humps, like a frothy skirt over bony knees.
9-Seeing men in cowboy hats and boots reminds you you’re in the West.
10-Pickup truck with Montana license and Texas college decal on window. Makes sense to me; from Big Sky Country to Big … uh… Texan, well you get the picture.
11-A western-themed motel; same price as a chain, with NO wifi and NO morning full breakfast in which at least half the items have high fructose corn syrup in them… A leather-like sofa and rocking chair of generous proportions, wooden furniture, a few nods to wagon wheels, a bed with a wooden headboard, a bottle opener in bathroom. Oh that last isn’t particularly western? Oh well, it is both useful and nostalgic.