Tuesday, Montana
You will see my grandson, age 4, in our cat’s traveling box. He thought it quite a feat to squirm his way into the box. We laughingly agreed with him. He is quite a character. Today he asked me to close the car window. When I did he said; “Thank you for closing the window. It (the air) was hurting my…” and then he reeled off a list of body parts, ending with; “it hurts my eyeballs, it hurts my skin.”
I kid you not.
The other photo is of Dog Lake. Double-click on it, and see it larger. If you peer closely you’ll notice the mountain far off is snow-covered. The whole composition of water, rocks, trees, mountains seemed almost unreal in the beauty of the elements of nature come together in this place.
We are here just another couple days. Back home where it was so warm when we left, they’ve had a spate of cold weather. “Almost like winter,” a friend wrote. “Global warming,” an acquaintance here said. Who knows?
*The date stamps on pictures wrong, these were taken today.