Wednesday, 21 April 2010
Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law today. A treat at the bottom, in her honor; the Irish group, Dervish.
Color makes me happy So do patterns. Wish I could share the childrens’ faces today when I told them I went from a childhood with nothing on the walls to today, among other things; a vibrant red patchwork skirt. Yes it is hanging on the wall and next to it is a bit of my knitting in red and golden yellow that seems to work well together.
One child said; Boring!! in response to my statement about white walls, nothing on them. Funny, I never applied that word and it’s exactly right. Much of my decorating is influenced by my artist friend and creative mentor. Recently I found some cloth material, washed it, and hung it to dry over my bedroom door. It is still there; all red and pink and yellow and orange of it–and it makes me smile!
At after school today, I told the children my art lesson; collages that make them happy. Luckily for me only one child actually said he hated his picture, it did NOT make him happy. Was this the same boy who said pictures of birds, butterflies and flowers, which I gave out for them to use, were for girls only. Sheesh where do these notions come from? What about all those male birds out there?
The cards here are recent and personal favorites. One (with doodle of elf house, as I think of it) is slated to be my birthday card from my 2 younger sons. And the others are for the package I’m making up, in trade for a wonderfully strong and rough, not-standard clay teapot I was given last week and adore.
An e-mail today about the NEW BlogHer site, caught my curiosity and I found a delightful story which tugged at me. I sent the link to my cousin who could have “floating island” issues since her mastectomy. ( Not something I’ve thought to ask her. If only we could stop judging each other, maybe that’s the way to end all wars. Hmm…