Shabbos (cont.), 10th April 2010
Perplexing, how difficult it is to change our basic nature. I want to be more regimented in my work routine. Oh I get plenty done, I just want to get more accomplished. Right now I’m busy making cards, to stockpile for the BIG show this summer. Yet when I think I have a large amount, it gets reduced either by sale or display– which will lead to money in the pocket, but for now seems to diminish the pile. Meantime at the big show I’m planning to put together cards while tending my booth- and hopefully at night if not too tired (?!), will sew them together to sell the next day. That’s the plan, at this point. (A card ready to be sewn; handmade paper on left, my drawing right, inner paper and envelope on far left.)
Found some old writing of mine. From March 4, 2009: Truly one wonders if there are divine plans for us, for each of our precious lives, and if so then all of what has occurred in my life to date is obviously training for this time, when I must…must, in order to live here, try to be a catalyst for change and bring some light to a town complacent with the way things have always been for the “mentally retarded.” It’s enough that I haven’t heard this phrase used since I worked in the state institution in PA. in the mid 1970’s. Guess I’ve got my work cut out for me. Luckily we are developing friends here, and there’s Nate, who is a goodwill ambassador every moment of his life. For he shows by every action that he’s willing to go out there and try, laugh, sometimes yell in frustration, and learn, but always act human, if only they’ll open their eyes and see.
Sorry to say, I’ve not accomplished much change. Nate has been banned from one local library – FOR LIFE !! because of his habit when bored or upset of picking at things. Socks and hems of pants end up with holes. Once he pulled all the stitching off the top of the mattress on his bed. He picked the stickers off 9, (they claim 10) movies he borrowed from library, for which we’ve been billed $20. What indeed is the incentive to pay it off, when he will still be outcast? Now at other branches he uses my card, or his caregiver’s card. An outrageous situation, to date unresolved. My energy to fight is limited, yet this is a world-class outrage.
Washed off the garden dirt yesterday, turned away from the sink, and spied a new plant I’d bought to add to the rock garden, and forgotten… That’s actually exciting. When I food shop in the spring, I allow myself one plant per shopping trip, so I’ll have 2 to put in the garden when I get out there again. Here’s a picture of someone else’s garden; a train enthusiast… article in called Toot! Toot! A train lover’s dream. I did take a picture of my rock garden-its too naked to show now.