13 Feb. 2010
A quiet Sabbath day has passed and now I should be working on my project for a local art competition and show. Don’t feel like it. Not gonna. So instead I’m sharing the link to an article I read that touched me deeply. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/ learning-to-let-go-2.html
The article is about letting go when a family member is dying. Recently I applied to volunteer with patients and family members at the local Hospice using my art and teaching skills, and the classes I’ve taken or created to teach. They are unsure as no one has ever volunteered to do art therapy. So…we’ll see.
Oh here’s two pictures of the first “lady” I’ve completed for the art show… I’d told an artist friend and another that I was going to give each one a name, but so far this one I refer to as Lady Heart. She is made of papier mache and the top layer includes as many sayings with heart in them, as I could think of or find in my most excellent dictionary. Included is the very Southern; bless your heart.
This first large scale attempt at papier mache has been so much fun. The process of applying a layer of paper and glue, letting it dry, adding another layer was definitely enhanced when I decided to add paint to the glue, each layer a different color, though only the top layer shows. Wonder if I can peel back… nah, might affect the structure. On the second lady I added; a store receipt from 2006, a sticker from a box of chocolates, a to-do list (short)… really fun. Wonder what I can think up to add to next layer? Hmm…