Monday evening, 8 February 2010
Isn’t this a reallycute journal? First of all it has the wonderful Eleanor Roosevelt quote; “A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.” And then there’s the real tea bag sewed onto the cover, and the gorgeous flower picture. One would think I have an affinity toward the color purple, well, okay that is true. Such a powerful color. I think it’s good for women to remember they have power within.
I’m not helping my case with the picture of this purple-ish Valentine card, so I’ll have to scan another, because I actually worked with orange, yellow and red last week.
We had a busy weekend which followed a hectic week. I promised myself I’d remember to retell the “Goodwill” story. Nato goes to Goodwill twice a week for job training. I picked him up on one day last week, his caregiver was very sick. Walking through the store I spotted an ottoman — I’ve wanted one for months in front of the sofa, to put up my legs. Voila ! There it was, and the price, so reasonable. I asked my son to demonstrate his arm strength and carry it to the check-out. Now you shop at Goodwill if; 1) you have no other economic option, or 2) you’re crazy for vintage stuff, or make felted products with old sweaters you buy there, or some such reason. We fall into both categories, mostly the first though.
Like a whirlwind a young woman suddenly swirled upon us and started lecturing me that I couldn’t buy anything while Nate and I were together or he’d get fired. Company policy that store employees do NOT get to purchase anything on their work days, so that customers don’t feel they’re getting leftovers. Which of course they/we are. Well, let them try to fire my son. I paid, we loaded, and then I calmly walked back in to have a quiet chat. A talk located away from all the employees and customers standing at the front of the store. I did and found her just as offensive, pushy, and rude the second time. All this over a $5. ottoman I bought while doing my son a favor and not leaving him stuck forever at Goodwill. (Here’s a non-purple card, and the colors! If you double click…)
And did you read the news about the 2 nurses in Texas who reported the doctor they worked with and provided proof he was clearly incompetent? But he’s a hero to the local sheriff, who had a heart attack and was saved by same doctor. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t we have laws to protect whistle-blowers? Sheesh. If you want to read about it, go to the New York Times article; Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor, 2/6/10.