Tuesday, 26 January 2010, my sister’s birthday
Not feeling well today but a phone conversation helped my wounded spirit. So now I’m grateful. If you are interested in the subject and do a search you come up with; The Worldwide Gratitude Postcard Project on http://www.IamThankful.com/postcards. And many many other sites, studies, projects–too numerous, but well worth a look/see. (Picture of musicians courtesy of; jpllmusicnews.wordpress.com)
Tomorrow, Jan 27th is the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) — Austrian composer whose prodigious output during his brief life – 41 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, 16 operas, 19 piano sonatas, and more. Here’s a cup of cheer to the musicians who enrich our lives, their music as varied and unique as every person’s tastes.
And here in my studio it is time to start creating for Valentine’s day. I have a new crop of sayings this year, and have finished two small heart journals, pictured somewhere nearby, with two on my sewing table pinned together, and supplies for many more piled up, waiting for me.
To end this short post, I will record these momentous birthdays- my grandson was 4 a few days ago and my cousin Helene 81. Mozart beats the competition… and let’s remember Scots poet Robbie Burns, born 25 January 1759 – died 21 July 1796. One bit of his I use;
Had we never loved sae kindly, Had we never loved sae blindly
Never met–or never parted– We had ne’er been brokenhearted.

That’s it for now. Happy Trails to you!