Tuesday 29 December 2009
Why do I like to read? Well first of all, when I was young we lived 1/2 a block from the corner intersection of a block of stores, and if we turned right and went to the corner, crossed to the other side, there was a free standing building, fairly small to be a branch library of the Philadelphia Free Library system. I loved that little library, sunlight coming through windows making warm patches you could walk through or stand in. And books, lots of lovely books.
When I was about 11 years old we moved a dozen blocks away and after a long-ish walk I’d arrive at another branch library, this one a lot larger. The story goes I read shelves of books, starting at one end – and proceeding down to the end of that row. I was an insular and insulated child, and reading opened up worlds to me. I am still an insatiable reading; and have two collections of my own.
In the first, I have several boxes worth of books that are non-fiction (mostly) and span my interests from gardening, Jewish themes, art, holistic health, some funny stuff, essays by women, cooking, disability stuff…crafts, and what I call; self-awareness.
Then there is the huge collection of fiction. How people interact in a really good story is, to me, as attention-grabbing and fascinating as watching people when I’m in my booth at a trade show. Lately, in between dragging home piles of library books, I’ve also started reading my way through my huge accumulation of “favorites.” I figure I’m doing two favors; one to me by re-reading books I love, and one for the local library’s revenue base by donating some I don’t want now.
Here’s a comment by a wonderful writer; Pam Rosenthal, who said, “What does it mean to have a story in your life? We might have many, but my guess is that for lots of us the love story might be the most important — or at least the one most easily understood and valued as a story.” (Nov. 09 interview) So, is that true? I’d like for the love story to be any story of love. In my life there’s a love of my children, love of friends, love of my religion and customs, LOVE of my art and the creative process as well as art that draws me in in general, and other categories if I go on.
So what do you think about this story of love being most important in our lives? While debating your answers, let me say scattered through this post are pictures of my most recent creation a free standing, triangle shaped thing that has an affirmation on each side. The middle picture saying; Today I am aware of love all around me. The last says; Each day dawns, I am alive with possibility. Amid the bone-deep cold here on the prairie, two seed catalogues have arrived to fill the imagination with possibility. Yum!