Wednesday, 9 December 2009
I’ve been thinking a lot about 1-holidays, 2-giving gifts, 3-the world and its resources, and 4-earning money with my art, some of which is certainly useful and some non-utilitarian but done for art sake.
Okay, first; holidays by a round-about route. Starting with the word machetunum which is a Yiddish word meaning family related by marriage, like the in-laws of one of my children. So… apparently one of my machetunum has written in a public and condemnatory way about the use of “Happy Holiday” instead of the more specific “Happy Christmas.” It’s apparent this person is angry and feels this less specific terminology somehow detracts from Christmas.
Is there no room in this person’s heart for embracing the religous observance of non-Christians?
I put the emphasis on the word religious for a reason. One of the things I create with my commercial collages, are Christmas cards. In past years the sayings I’ve used speak of hope, love, joy, angels, and G-d. Did I mention love? My respect for religious experiences other than mine come from my core belief that holidays strengthen families, and therefore at root are about love. That is what has been lost in the above stupid discussion offered in a venue in which the stupidity is there for all to see. So that’s numbers 1 and 4 on my list at top of this post.
The reason I mentioned the earth’s resources and giving gifts, is because I see them tied together. We don’t have a newspaper subscription currently, it’s too expensive. If I could budget for it, I would have one for Nato, who loves being responsible for bringing it in the house, and looks things up without being able to read- pictures of sports, the comics, the weather, and especially pictures from new movies. I save the comics from Sunday papers for wrapping paper. Been doing it for years. I save wrapping paper that comes in the house for use in my collages, or for homemade gift cards. And to tell the truth, I’m known for pulling off the minimal bits of tape and then placing the twice-used comics into the paper recycling bin! Yes, I’m that goofy about re-use and recycling.
This year the cost of mailing things having grown beyond my budget I’ve already purchased three original works of local art from the gallery where I exhibit/sell my stuff, and have put two in the mail for under $2. each. Yeah. I’m sitting on a package to my cousin-by-marriage whose 86th (or so) birthday I wanted to celebrate, by sending him a new 1,000 piece puzzle. To mail it would cost over $7. It’s still sitting in the backseat of my car.
I love writing letters and receiving letters, the old fashioned way. Perhaps that accounts for my continuing desire to make cards that need to be mailed with a little stamp on the envelope. I am angry about the current postal prices. So the stack of things that normally would go in a box to each of my children, will be saved for when I see them each in person. Else I’ll have to allocate my earnings from a show just toward postage. Somehow that doesn’t seem right.
Photos on this post, from the top: painting of religious Jewish family lighting Chanukah candles, a platter of potato latkes (pancakes) traditionally eaten during Chanukah, and a Chanukah card. The video below of a child singing the Chanukah Song is dedicated to Rowan and my 5+.