Sunday, 6th December 2009
I got a lot of knitting accomplished during the 3 hour volunteer stint. Unfortunately Nato was bored without his bag of stuff, left at home due to a misunderstanding. So he took walks (not crossing any streets, because it’s a rule, mom says, and he just doesn’t looks for cars). He walked around and around inside the gallery, looking at everything. He picked up a little local newspaper and “worked” on the crossword, which means filling in letters in no particular order. Ate the snack I’d packed for him and put in my bag. Life with my adult son, his disability like a silent shadow, always with us, always touching what we do, where we go…
Interesting article about Colin Firth’s new movie coming out. My youngest recommended I see the one not about goats, can’t think of the title, but the subject of the movie would haunt me, I think. Anyway, I saved a quote from Firth; “I like what happens as a result of communication problems because I don’t think people communicate truly in any way,” he said. “Communication is always imperfect. Language is an imperfect instrument — so is sex, so is shouting at each other — and although you get the occasional moments when you feel truly connected, as George says in the film, they’re pretty hard to keep hold of.” Hmm, food for thought. Meantime in trying to decide what to do with this quiet day (high today here on the prairie just a degree or two above freezing and not weather to take a long walk), I’ve been on the computer for hours. Found a couple very interesting websites, now saved, and a contest on that I may enter. By the way; the picture here is of Helen Keller born without ability to see or hear, in essence without communication skills until the advent of her teacher Anne Sullivan pictured with her. The reminder that extraordinary things can and do happen between two people attempting to share, understand, “talk,” learn… To learn more about Keller, go to YouTube and type in: Helen Keller – Her Amazing Story, or (Rare!) Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan (1930 News
Keep warm, wherever you are today.