Sunday, 25 October 2009
A quiet beginning to the week, our Sabbath over last night. I reflect on the twin events that occurred last Monday, wincing a bit now for the others involved. The anguish I felt, deeply, and very painfully, accompanied physical illness; nausea that seemed to last all week. Toward the end of the week I actually made a few cards and realized I had at least part of my concentration back. Mostly I sit – a week later – still somewhat addled by all that went on.
I wanted to include here some examples of cards with a knitting theme I made at the end of the summer. IMG The (short) funny story about them is this: During the summer while at my craft booth I worked on lesson plans for art classes for children. One didn’t work at all. When needing to send a package to youngest son, I used the attempt that didn’t work as wrapping, stuck a label and bunch of stamps on it and away it went. Then I wished I hadn’t used it, and asked him to keep it for me. And so it came back, canceled stamps and all. I cut out all the blue & purple circles, thinking them useful at some point. And so they were.
Also made some Halloween cards, to put on display and sale at the ARTery, where I’ve got a nifty display of cards inside a revitalized wooden drawer. The drawer, colorfully painted on the outside, collaged with assorted tissue papers on the inside functions as display rack. gypsy fire09 Finding quotes wasn’t easy, but I like what I found for their old-fashioned quality. Most are bits written by long dead poets. Perfect for the holiday I guess. As you can see I’m not exactly enthusiastic about it. Others are more so. Today’s local newspaper had an article about making costumes for dogs…
The Halloween card pictured here is a bit of watercolor painting with some of my handmade paper as frame. Looks lovely in person.
I think I need to work harder on having fun. Wish I had a dog to dress up… “I would not have anyone adopt my mode of living. I would have each person be very careful to find out and pursue his or her own way.” (Henry David Thoreau) A good week to all of us!