Sunday, 27 September 2009
Prepared a relatively bland meal for dinner. Tonight we Jews all over the world will begin a 25 hour fast while in the 10th day of this new year; 5770. The fast is to insure that we use this time to focus on sins we’ve committed in the last year and hope to be forgiven. The bland food- to keep from being overly thirsty until I eat again.
hands 9:09
Working on a new project and here’s a picture; of the tracings of one hand of each of my five children. Every finished “hand” has a story like the one in the upper left. This is my oldest son who is a computer programmer and his hand is covered in an IBM ad. from a computer magazine. Next to it my older daughter, hand painted in shades of purple, ’cause that’s her color. The two orange-y ones are my near-twins, one painted, one collaged and then the bottom; my youngest with nearly the biggest hand(s), a computer specialist-to-be. I’m hoping to add one more, my daughter-in-law. Meantime how cool do these look? !! The project is more than the 5 hands displayed here. But the final product is a secret for now.

I meant to call my younger daughter today and confess. She was recently promoted to full-time status at the supermarket she’s worked, beginning as a cashier nearly 2 years ago. Why call her? I reported a cashier today. Yes, I did. She wasn’t paying attention to what I wanted (to bag my groceries in the canvas bags I’d brought) and instead chatted through the whole check-out process with another “little girl” as if the two of them were in some other place that didn’t include work/customers/etc. (They both seemed very, very young.) I felt like I was completely invisible to them. They didn’t even notice the steam escaping from me. Here’s where applying your own values to others can get messy. You interact with someone who fails to hold the same values and… you feel compelled to report them for not doing their job.

Some years ago, I remember my mother said she noticed the entry level people she dealt with in banks, stores, offices, seemed less bright (as in smart), less efficient, and less concerned about customers. Maybe it’s true. I do know that when I was a (teen) cashier, I had to take cash and make change using my brain and nothing else. A lot of people have trouble making change today if you hand over a coin to round off the amount, and they’ve already entered something in electronically and now have to adjust it.
On the other hand, the students I’ve been working with the last two weeks in after-school art classes are interested, willing to try, involve themselves in the process, and for the most part are respectful and eager to learn.
I do feel guilty about reporting those two girls. Some of what made me do it was anger over the incredibly overpriced items I needed to purchase, available only at the store I shopped in today. Is it a sin to be honest, efficient and not overprice your own products, and expect the same from others? No, but I hold myself to a high standard, and forget that others may not do the same. I’m not going to count today’s events as a sin committed and needing forgiveness, on their parts or mine. And that’s the end of this story.