3 Tishrei 5770 – Shana Tova !
Monday, 21 September 2009
Today starts my second week of teaching art after school in the local public schools. I am assigned one school for each day (Monday through Thursday). So I plan a lesson for a week, and then the fun part is watching the students in each school respond to my plan.
Rosh H 09
Last week I used a kindergarten lesson and one school which seems to consistently under-perform as compared to the others did so again. The best results with the “Thursday” school which, like the “Monday” school, I taught last year, so the groups are vaguely familiar.
I am reminded of the many talks I had with our pediatrician years and ages ago, when I was taking Nato so frequently and his sibs occasionally…and we would gab while he worked, about genes versus jeans, or nature over nurture. Is it what goes into the human being at conception, or during the years growing up. We both chose a little of both, though with N. in particular his disability gives us a third choice.
And so you see, I’m trying to live up to the saying on the card here about “encouraging words are as honey” by not indicting the school I’m not looking forward to today. Yet one part of me is curious about today’s outcome even as I go with another very easy lesson.