Tuesday 1st September, 2009
It is so damned difficult to deal with my depression. (wow, what alliteration!!!) grmom&me3 My older daughter and my cousin have agreed that since I’ve admitted that I’m in depression, I’ll soon be better. They actually discussed it between themselves, over long-distance telephone; like two adults trying to talk over a child’s head so said child doesn’t hear. Funny, also touching to have evidence of how they care about me.
The photo on the right is an old one I’d used in a collage–when I was stupid naive enough to believe I’d never need it other than glued to a work box in my art studio…was in place of one I thought I’d lost permanently this time. Okay, explanation. All summer I’ve been extraordinarily forgetful. Like forgetting where I put things. Leaving the beans to cook and then burn on the bottom of the pot while I mow the grass, etc. Then one day reading the news, a New York Times article described the plight of a young man, age 53, now past the first stage of early Alzheimer’s disease. Whoa, that was scary. I’d taken myself off for some “talk” therapy, to deal with unresolved junk (like plaque in arteries that needs to be chiseled out or it causes fatal trouble). All mad here 09 But it turns out, despite the new therapist saying/repeating it each visit; memory loss can be due to insufficient sleep (check), depression (check) and I forget (ha-ha). No the last is um…oh year too much stress (check). She said when I find my coffee cup in the clothes washing machine, or bureau drawer, or other totally odd place, or forget what the purpose of the cup is–then, and only then should I worry about early Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.
I’m so glad I stopped drinking coffee over a year ago. (I am just full of jokes today.) b-day Humpty Perhaps I shouldn’t worry so much about my mental health and just keep making cards–which I truly love to do. You’ll see from the two examples here, one a Lewis Carroll quote; “we’re all mad here,” and the other about falling down and not able to get up, accompanied by a picture of Humpty Dumpty, that my humor is surviving intact. Even if the rest of me is slowly aging. Thankfully I’m not near my sell-by date. Here’s a fun bit of history (video from youtube below), dedicated to the one. And that reminds me. I was asked to put together some classes to teach for my city’s Rec/Parks Department. I did, after tons of research. I love teaching, have done it for a long time, and feel very confident of myself in that field. What I came up with was a class for adults with disabilities, like Nato, my son and his friends- to dance, learn to dance, get limber, have fun. Just watched the video I’m posting. What fun! Now I’m determined to find a sponsor for that dance class, since it seems the city’s not interested.
We all need all the fun we can find/make/obtain.
Here’s Fred and Ginger dancing- Enjoy! http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/index.jsp?cid=93731