Sunday, 26 July, 2009
Two New York Times Sunday Magazine articles gave me food for thought this morning. First, from an article about foster parents and attempts to hold onto the newborn, drug-addicted baby given them, who became part of their family, and very much loved, and whom they hoped to adopt. IMG_0011This is the last paragraph of the article. After an initial spurt of excitement and relief, Kutil and Hess have retreated into wariness. They haven’t taken in any new foster kids since Judge Blake’s November order;all their efforts have been focused on the children they think of as their own. “Every day, you wake up and have this perfect baby, and you’re like this normal family,” Hess said. “Yet you sit and wait for somebody else to decide if you get to keep her. You’re at the mercy of other people deciding your life.” Yup, I know about that!

And from the title story; The Ultimate Obama Insider, a description of how two people in a marriage grew up within different family structures, different parental role models, and differing needs as they grew to adulthood. IMG_0009
Still, she told me, what Chicago provided Obama with most of all was family — beginning, of course, with Michelle Robinson. “In this narrow question of identity, it was that although they grew up in totally different worlds, she had the same kind of ‘decency and work ethic and sense of responsibility to give something back,’ ” Jarrett said. “But where she was totally different was how she was raised. She had these two parents who loved her dearly and sacrificed greatly so that she and Craig could go to the best colleges. My guess is that her dad was home for dinner every night — he was a huge force in her life — and she had the role model of what a good marriage could be and how to be a role model as a parent. Barack’s mother was very important to him, but he spent a great deal of his life living in a different place. So as all kids do, you always have a fantasy of what perfection would be. And my guess is that Michelle’s childhood was his idea of perfection. It allowed him to anchor himself with her and with her family. To me, that’s the most special thing about Chicago for him.”

IMG_0005A note about the next birthday in the line-up. For Nate-the-Great, who became a 27 year old on his July birthday, here’s a card he had a hand in…he painted the background paper. And the card sold at market this week.
And last birthday this month, Aunt Carole the clutter angel and much more, whose birthday is today. We wish you good health, good friends, and good times. We love you.