11 June 2009
Yesterday I completed four journals. Then there are two are ready to be put together (2nd stage), with two simply composed, not sewn-which means first stage of production.
Pastel J. #5 w: hanging walnut shell
Last night my son went to an art class and I sat in a deserted classroom putting together cards. IMG_0002Decided I’ll have regular size, large ones and then over sized cards, with hand-painted outer and two sheets paper inside, sewn up length to hold all in, rather like a pamphlet.
Today I have a 4 hour show, and will take card-making supplies so I can piece together cards of whatever sizes, ready to be sewn.

Photo on left; only one so far where I used soft colors. All are bound at top, most with a stick through the binding. This one due to lighter tones, allowed me, finally, to hang a walnut shell. My friend asked me about bird feathers. I live in the city, couldn’t find any! Photos to right are of one journal with red/brown color scheme, stick in binding. Love them all, but boy I’m tired today.